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The continuous growth of technology and the internet has led the majority of the business to go online. With its easy accessibility and broader customer outreach, there is a massive shift to the digital enterprise. Today, there are e-commerce platforms that allow anyone to start a business and sell their products.

One of the major e-commerce sites is Shopify. It is a powerful e-commerce platform that allows individuals or business owners to start a business or sell products. With its subscription-based model, you get various tools to start your business venture.

With everything set, do you still get fewer sales or visitors to your website? If it’s a yes, then you’re on the right page. There would be various reasons, but one of the critical aspects is SEO. To know more, let’s further delve into the article.

Why is SEO a vital aspect of online business?

Most of the businesses online are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) driven. With better SEO, your website will have an excellent online presence. SEO helps to give your site a better ranking in search engines. Note that most online users only scan through the first page of search engines like Google or Bing. Only a few percent of users navigate to other pages.

Therefore, for good traffic to your website, a good ranking in search engines is vital. And with the help of SEO, you can achieve that. Undeniably, it’s not all rosy to be in the top ten of Google or other search engines. However, with proper analysis and research, it is possible. 

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Ways to improve SEO on Shopify

You have a Shopify store, but it isn’t getting many sales as you expected? Here is what you need to do. It would be best to put a good practice of SEO. As mentioned in the article, SEO is crucial for your website to have an excellent online presence. With good traffic, there is a higher rate of conversion. 

Here are some of the ways to improve SEO on Shopify:

Emphasis on keywords

Keywords are one of the significant factors in SEO that determines search results. Using the right keywords will attract good traffic and appears in the specific search result. You can optimize your website on Shopify for accurate keywords by:

Researching on keywords

When you research keywords, it is essential to check relevancy. You must use relevant terms to research keywords. In addition, you can use research tools for keywords. There is KeywordsFX that will help you to find applicable terms for your Shopify site.

Long-tail keywords

A long-tail keyword refers to three or more words. For example, a customer wants to buy a formal shoe for a special occasion. So, he would type “formal black shoes for men.” Keywords like these are better as it is specific and helps to understand the user’s interest. Therefore, it would be best to emphasize long-tail keywords.

Usage of high-value keywords

Enhancement of product pages with high-value keywords allows to rank better. Also, note that the overuse of keywords is not a good idea. It will only enable keyword stuffing that might harm the ranking. The main places to put keywords are in headings, title tags, and meta descriptions. 

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Working towards a better user experience

A good user experience is vital for a better conversion rate. When running a site on Shopify, one should have the focus to create an excellent user experience. It will help in better engagement on the page and gets to know more about the products.

When a page is slow and not user-friendly, the bounce rate will increase, which is not suitable for your page ranking. You can use Shopify plugins that enable the website to be more effective and efficient.

Having a good visual to enhance engagements

With online shopping, having a good visual is a treat. If your website is aesthetically pleasing, it will attract various users. Enhancing your landing page and product pages with high-quality videos or photos allows users to have a brilliant experience.

Visuals play a crucial role in part in online shopping. It keeps the users hook to the page, allowing them to browse more about the products. When the users dwell on a page for a longer duration, it helps the better ranking of your site in search results.

Easy navigation

If you want users to have a good browsing experience, it is necessary to make the navigation simple and easy. It would lessen the burden to the users and allowing them to browse efficiently. Therefore, focusing on the excellent organization of the products allow users to find them instantly.

When you categorize the products nicely, the users will find them easier to navigate. With a longer duration on the page, it will send a good signal to Google. In turn, it will help your page to rank higher in search results.

Enhancement of product pages 

When you sell products online, it is vital to gain the trust of the shoppers. If you use a low-quality picture, the customer would doubt the authenticity of your products. It would be best to use high-quality images of the product with a better description.

If you want users to get more interested in the products, enable product description. With high-quality pictures and creative descriptions of the products, it is sure to gain customers’ trust.

Creation of Content to gain traffic 

Good traffic to your website helps to rank higher in search results. One way to increase traffic would be to do content marketing. It is one best way to boost traffic and keep the users engaged on your website for a longer duration. Also, it helps in recognition of the brand that leads to more sales. 

Note that when you create content, it should be relatable to your products. Suppose you sell skincare products online. So, your content should talk about a skincare routine and all. A content talking about skincare will keep the users engaged. There are various forms to create content marketing. Some of the popular formats are blogs, infographics, guides, and videos, etc.